Improve the look and security of your home, while saving on energy bills

Lower your energy cost, eliminate glare, protect your interiors from fading, and definitely increase your comfort level.

Your Home is vulnerable to smash and grab theives.

The glass of your home is your weakest link. If your glass is unprotected the thieves are in within seconds and out within minutes. They're gone before the police arrive.

Safeguard your home from high winds and tropical storms.

Able to resist and repel flying objects and eliminates flying broken glass.

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Your windows are the weakest part of your home. Provide your home and family with the maximum protection available, Window Armor!

Window Armor

┬áThe Window-Armor System is the Ultimate in window protection systems. Window-Armor is a high-impact window security shield, designed to provide homeowner’s and business’s with maximum window protection.

securityfilm Bulletproof glass window after a burglary attempt

Window-Armor products have been used successfully in South Florida for over 10 years. Our business is built on Performance and Customer Satisfaction.